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Sometime we like to travel to places where there is a tennis court at our hotel just for a little exercise while we enjoy the sites and tourist attractions of our destination. This is especially true when we go on scuba diving and fishing trips to tropical locations. Other times we like to bundle golf and tennis into one vacation at a fancy resort. But once a year or so, we like to go hard core with our tennis vacation hand book a trip at a tennis first club. So where are the best places to visit? Florida is the obvious choice for world class tennis resorts. It’s great during the fall, winter and spring, but a little too hot during the summer. The same is true for Arizona, and this place is also more of a golf destination. California is our favorite spot during the summer. Colorado has some nice resorts, but the altitude really does mess with the flight of the Tennis ball.  The North East is also a sometime overlooked tennis resort destination. Hawaii is always an outstanding choice for any type of vacation, and they have many top notch tennis resorts.  The corona virus has most of our vacation plans on hold right now, so we are starting to plan out our 2021 trip. Some of the places we are considering include:




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