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Social Media Blasts

Instagram, Facebook,Youtube, LInkedEn, and more.
Minimum Purchase $100
Price depends on placement, traffic, size of media purchase, key words, and other factors.

Banner Ad Campaigns

Minimum Purchase $50
Cost Range $2-$10 Per 1000 Page Impressions
Price depends on placement, traffic, and size of media purchase.

Website Design

- Single Page Domain Ads starting at $199\year
- Starter Website $499
- Custom Fancy Website $1999+

Search Engine Optimization
- Organic Search
- Paid Search
- Traffic Reports
- Backlinks
- SEO Audits

Media Blitz $2999+

Websites with Internet Blitz
Search, Banners, Content Placement, Social Media
Radio and TV
Print and Snail Mail
Creative Promo
Contact List Management
Software Development and Support $75\hr

Property Management Software Support
Custom Application Development (PHP, .Net, Java)

IT Support

Business Center Installs
Staff Training (Basic Internet, Security, PC Power User)


Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization – Social Media - Email Marketing - Banner Ads

Web Design

Design and Media for Hotels, Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Guides, Scuba, Skiing, Action Sports and more.

IT Services

Remote Software Support for Booking System. API Integration - Custom Programming

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment